B3atSea is the ultimate Board Gaming cruise experience where you get access to a LIBRARY full of your favorite board games aboard some of the world's largest and most EXICITNG cruise ships! All while enjoying a relaxing vacation!

Q: I've never cruised before, what should I expect?

A: B3atSea is a PRIVATE group on board some of the largest and most exciting cruise ships in the WORLD! We don't occupy the whole ship, which means there will be plenty of people on board who aren't part of the group - but only OUR GUESTS get access to the games, spaces, and unique B3 events!

Cruises can be busy and often loud, but your room and our private spaces are a nice getaway from the hustle and bustle from your cruise vacation!

Q: What does my ticket price include?

A: All sorts of stuff!  Your cabin, your board gaming experience, all you can eat food, all the ship events and amenities, and optional special group events! Sometimes the adventure will include WIFI or drink packages too - be sure to ask about any included cruise benefits for your specific cruise!

Q: Can i come alone? What if I want to bring someone who isn't interested in playing any games?

A: Solo adventurers are allowed! Most cruise lines charge for two tickets per cabin, so bringing someone along to help pay the cost of that second ticket is usually the best way! If you don't have someone let us know and we can make an effort to pair you with another solo traveler to help save you money!

Q: What Cruise Lines does B3AtSea use for sailings?

A: Royal Caribbean, MSC, and Norwegian are our mainstays due to their value and features, but we explore all major cruise lines to find the best possible fit for YOUR budget. The SPRING 2023 cruise will be on the MSC Seascape!

Q: Are there any additional fees on top of my ticket?

A: Cruise lines do charge a daily 'gratuities fee' that goes to the staff onboard, this is not included in your ticket price (similar to taxes) and may vary based on the cruise line and specific sailing. You can pay these fees up-front if desired, just let us know! The only additional costs onboard will be what you choose to buy - such as drinks, Wi-Fi, specialty dining and excursions at the ports.

Q: What can I do on board for free? What food and drink is included?

A: There are always LOTS of free options for food and (non-alcoholic) drink onboard that is included with your ticket. The same applies to access to certain amenities onboard like access to water slides and entertainment shows. We choose sailings that offer some of the best food and amenities that we can find so you get the MOST for your money.

Depending on the ship and sailing you will have access to multiple kinds of restaurants that will usually serve different kinds of food as well as the AMAZING main dining room which is a fancier option and still free. Water, tea, coffee and juice is included in your ticket from various drink stations around the ship.

Be sure to check with us on what sorts of extra things might be included in the ticket price!

Q: How does the premium food, events, and alcohol work?

A: There are always premium options available on board like fine dining at a selection of premium restaurants or coffee shops, various 'extra' activities like go-karts or laser tag, and alcoholic drinks available at loads of different bars. These premium options will often cost extra (a la carte) and prices will be listed so you can choose! Alternatively the cruise lines offer packages where you can pay upfront to get unlimited alcohol and/or a certain number of free dining visits to the premium restaurants.

Q: Are the packages worth it?

A:  If you plan to consume a lot of alcohol on board the alcohol drink package may be worth it. There is also a soda package available in case you want unlimited free soda and specialty drinks like coffees, teas, and juices. If you think you'll enjoy the premium dining options available on your ship it's usually cheaper to pay for a package than to pay the menu prices once you get onboard.

We highly recommend waiting for the cruise line to offer sales on the packages before purchasing, once you book we'll notify you when these sales are happening!

Q: When is the best time to buy drink, food, or internet packages?

A: It will always be cheaper to buy these BEFORE you get on board, so don't wait!  Some cruise lines will offer special deals at certain times so the earlier you book the better - we will let you know via our discord exactly when you can save some gold on those amenities!

Q: What about events off the ship in the ports we visit?

A: Access to the ports we visit will be FREE and you can explore solo or with the group as much as you want! You can book 'excursion' events for an additional cost - like nature hikes, access to exclusive beaches or waterparks, boat trips for snorkel or SCUBA, or just sightseeing, etc. These can be booked through the cruise line ahead of time and they CAN sell out!

We often will have GROUP OPTIONS for an excursion where our group all goes together.  Don't miss out on an excursion with all your new board game friends!

You can also try to book these things the day you get off the ship but your options may be limited and you'll be responsible for being back at the ship on time before it leaves! Be sure to be back an HOUR before you need to be just to be safe! Most cruisers like to just explore the local shops and food and drink, but if you have your eye on a specific activity be sure to book it ASAP!

Q: Are there group discounts?

A: YES! We're happy to offer discounts for multi-cabin groups of board gamers! Just contact us and let us know how many people you're bringing!


Q: What kind of games will be do on board?

A: We have a wide variety of games and are always on the lookout for the newest and best games to bring aboard! Our full game library will be availabel for you and your friends to rent and play, and a gaming space for the whole group will be provided!

Q: Are the board gaming events FREE?

A: Yes! Both the board games and any events we run are included with your ticket! This could be a game tournament, a special get-together, scavenger hunts, or many other types of FUN events!

Q: Can I bring my own games?

A: Absolutely, but your suitcase space will be precious! Be sure to check with us to see if we already plan on bringing your game with us! We have a list of board games that we keep updated that is currently shared on our main page!

Q: Will there be other games aside from board games?

A: We know that sometimes you're looking for something a little more than a board game - so we also often run social games like werewolf, and TTRPG events as well for those who are interested! Feel free to reach out and ask about any TTRPG events that we'll have on board!


Q: Is a passport required?

A: Typically it is not REQUIRED to have a passport, you can use your original birth certificate instead but it is STRONGLY encouraged to use a passport in case the unthinkable happens and you need to find alternative transporation back to the US.

Q: What should I do to prepare before the cruise?

A: Check in online with the cruise line, they'll have additional tips and checklists you can use to make sure you're fully ready, and that you meet their requirements. You'll also want to print your documents and luggage tags before arriving at the port. If you have any questions about this just reach out and contact us for help!

Q: When do I need to be on board the ship?

A: The cruise line will have you sign up for a designated baording time that is well ahead of sailing, but be sure to be at the ship no less than 2.5 hours before sailing. The cruise line cannot make exceptions and this is a federal customs rule, they WILL turn you away if you're late.

We STRONGLY encourage that you arrive the night before the sailing, we secure a hotel and get special rates for our groups specifically, plus we arrange for transportation to the port from there so you can start your worry-free vacation early!

Q: What should I take in my carry-on?

A: Take everything you cant live without since you may not have access to your suitcase for several hours on the first day. This means your travel documents, cash, spare clothes, bathing suit, makeup, medications etc.

Q: Is there parking at the port?

A: Depending on the port usually there is yes, but it can be pricey. You can use SpotHero or other methods to scout out cheap parking in town and then uber to the port - or if you book at the hotel with the group the night before, you can use the hotel parking for the week and take an uber back to the hotel when we get back.

Q: Where do we meet the group?

A: Once you get onboard we will have a designated place where you can come get your swag and meet the team before our first scheduled event! If you book at the hotel the night before we may even have a meetup planned the night before.

Q: What about getting off the ship at ports?

A: Be sure to bring cash (use the ship ATMs beforehand) and dont forget sunscreen! Towels will be provided, but you also may want to bring a hat, your swimsuit, and a watch! Be sure to get back on board before the boat leaves - the times will be posted everywhere as you get off the ship!

Q: When do we get off the ship and when should I book my flight home?

A: This answer can vary from port to port and sailing to sailing but normally noon is the earliest you should book your flight back home. In some instances it may be later than that. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to the B3atSea team!

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